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Welcome to BYH's home on the web!

Bethlehem Youth Hockey is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the teamwork, skill development and sportsmanship of Hockey.  We are a Tier II organization that focuses primarily on player development and promoting the FUNdamentals of ice hockey and ADM development principles.

If you would like additional information on joining BYH or becoming more involved with the organization, please contact Ann Marie Kurdziolek at 330-9294 or via e-mail at 

PO BOX 345
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Requesting a Release
BYHA Board Elections and Annual Meeting
BYH Annual Board Election BYHA will hold its annual election for...
2017-2018 Coaches Applications being accepted
Anyone interested in coaching a BYHA team next season, either as...
BYH Policies
Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies...
Requesting a Release

Attention BYHA families



Completed releases are to be sent to   and

 MUST be in MSWORD format. 

Other formats will not be accepted and will delay issuing your release.


If you are interested in attending tryouts for another organization please be aware that you need to obtain an approved NEW YORK STATE AMATEUR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, INC.PLAYER /FINANCIAL RELEASE FORM from BYHA beforehand. The form can be found HERE.


In order for a release to be approved, all BYH and team obligations need to be paid in full and any jerseys or other loaned equipment must be turned in - a release will not be granted otherwise.


NYSAHA allows for up to 10 days for approval, so please do not wait until the last minute to request a release.  However once a release is issued, you are no longer allowed to attend any BYH events such as practices, games, clinics etc so please take that into consideration when requesting a release.


by b g posted 04/05/2017
BYHA Board Elections and Annual Meeting

BYH Annual Board Election

BYHA will hold its annual election for Board members on May 1st, 2017 at the Bethlehem YMCA.  There are several Board position openings and this is a great way to give back to your community and organization.  In addition to Board seats, we may have opportunities for the following positions:



Master Ice Scheduler

Equipment Manager

Level Coordinators

ACE Coordinator


Please submit your interest to be on the Board to Ann Marie Kurdziolek at   or Brian Gregg  ., along with a brief biography as well as interest in any of the positions mentioned above on or before April 16, 2017.  After that time interested members will be considered write-ins on the voting ballot.


Go Eagles!

by posted 03/08/2017
2017-2018 Coaches Applications being accepted

Anyone interested in coaching a BYHA team next season, either as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, are encouraged to submit their application using the Coaches Application form found here or under the Documents section of the web page.


A Teams

Applications for Head Coaches of A teams should submitted by 2/28/2017*.



B and C Teams

We are also interested in knowing if you are interested in coaching B or C teams next season, so please send your application in for those teams at anytime, but we request that they be submitted by 5/26/2017*.  



All selected Coaches and Assistant Coaches will need to complete their SafeSport Training and NYS Screening before the first practice of the 2017/18 season.

Additionally, USA Hockey CEP training and USA Hockey Level Module training will also need be be completed (or registered for a CEP clinic) before 11/1/2017.



*Note :For planning purposes BYHA requests that applications be submitted by the posted due dates however BYHA reserves the right to consider other applicants before or after posted deadlines for all teams and coaching levels.

by posted 02/15/2017
BYH Policies

Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies on the website.  

These important policies can be found on our home page, left hand menu, under Documents/BYH Policies or just by clicking here.  Please familiarize yourself with our policies and refer to them when questions come up.


A few select topic covered are:


If I'm a Coach and need level 1, 2, 3 or 4 USA Hockey CEP training - what do I need to do?  (Policy)


Can my player have a phone in the locker room? (short answer is no, but here is the Policy)


Can my player help out on the ice as a Student Coach?  (Policy)


My child needs to get Community Service credits - does BYH offer the opportunity?  (Policy)


Plus many others.






by b g posted 10/01/2016
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