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Bethlehem Youth Hockey is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the teamwork, skill development and sportsmanship of Hockey.

If you would like additional information on joining BYH or becoming more involved with the organization, please contact Ann Marie Kurdziolek at 330-9294 or via e-mail at 

PO BOX 345
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BYH Policies
Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies...
2016/2017 Registration is still OPEN for Some Teams
With tryouts and team formations now complete, BYH still has opening...
BYH Policies

Did you know that BYH maintains many of its organizational policies on the website.  

These important policies can be found on our home page, left hand menu, under Documents/BYH Policies or just by clicking here.  Please familiarize yourself with our policies and refer to them when questions come up.


A few select topic covered are:


If I'm a Coach and need level 1, 2, 3 or 4 USA Hockey CEP training - what do I need to do?  (Policy)


Can my player have a phone in the locker room? (short answer is no, but here is the Policy)


Can my player help out on the ice as a Student Coach?  (Policy)


My child needs to get Community Service credits - does BYH offer the opportunity?  (Policy)


Plus many others.






by b g posted 10/01/2016
2016/2017 Registration is still OPEN for Some Teams

With tryouts and team formations now complete, BYH still has opening for some of it programs:

6U Mighty Mites - OPEN

8U Mites - OPEN

10U Squirt B - OPEN







Click here to begin the registration process


New for this season:

6U Mighty Mite program:  Our (formerly) LTP program will now be fully USA Hockey ADM compliant and will now be a 6U Mighty Mites program.  If your player is a birth year 2010 or younger this is the perfect place for your child to begin learning hockey from both a physical and emotional age-appropriate learning perspective. You can expect the same great coaching and exciting on-ice Saturday morning practices as in the past with Coach Scott Rock.  New for this season, we have added as part of the registration fee, Wednesday night skating clinics with Coach Dave Randall!  This will give your player the added time and instruction necessary to build a solid skating skill foundation which is critical to their future hockey development.  Additionally we have added 5 jamboree/game sessions to meet the USA Hockey ADM recommendations.  This is a significantly more advanced program over our former LTP program.

8U Mite program: The 8U Mite program is for our 2008-2009 players and is USA Hockey ADM compliant and will provide the best age-appropriate training for your player. After listening to the requests and suggestions of our membership, we are moving our skating skills clinic with Coach Dave Randall to Wednesday nights at the YMCA (right after the 6U clinic).  This was designed to give a better spacing of the on-ice sessions over the course of the week for our Mites.  As part of the registration fee, the Mites will have both Saturday morning practices/jamborees and Wednesday night skating clinics.  Additionally, any player interested in goaltending is free to attend the Monday night goalie clinics at no additional fee!

Sq-Bantam Monday Night Clinics:  To better serve our players, we are again including as part of the basic registration fee Monday night skills clinics with Coach Dave Randall at the YMCA. We will have three separate clinics on Monday nights and each session will be properly geared toward age-appropriate and skill level development.

Mite-Midget Monday night Goalie Clinics:  New for this year we are moving our goalie clinics to Monday nights at the YMCA and adding a third session with Coach Bryan "MAC" McDonald.  The addition of the third session will mean more focused attention on each goalie by Coach Mac and will allow for the proper development of the goalies with age-specific training sessions.   Additionally, with no other team practices scheduled for Monday nights (except Midgets), these clinics are scheduled to allow for every player and coach to attend.  Having our Coaches (at all levels) come out and participate in the goalie clinics will help them devise better practices/drills to help develop our goalies during regular team practices. 

Off-Ice Training:  All teams will now be coordinating with our newly created Off-Ice Training Coordinator to help ensure a more unified and consistent off-ice strength and conditioning program across the organization.  Jerry Cunningham will be filling this newly created role and will work with the Head and Assistant Coaches to develop age-appropriate sessions designed to meet the development needs of the players off ice skills.  

by posted 09/25/2016
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